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We Printed Parts of the House to Artificial Intelligence

One of today’s most popular topics is artificial intelligence. There is almost no limit to what artificial intelligence can do. We asked the question “how would it be if we had artificial intelligence draw the parts of the house?” and in this article, we had artificial intelligence draw almost all the rooms of the house from the living room to the children’s room.

1) Living Room

The pictures look very realistic, don’t they? Yes, first of all, we had the artificial intelligence draw the living room, which is indispensable in a house, and we came across very surprising results.

2) Bathroom

What about the bathroom? I wonder what the AI thinks about the bath? The results are very surprising and realistic. I think the AI likes the colour white amuch like me 😎

3) Kids' Room

When we had the children’s room drawn, I started to think that artificial intelligence is really positive and alive. Unbelievable. 🎉

4) Bedroom

Let’s move to the bedroom, the room where we spend at least six hours a day. Artificial intelligence is taking a surprisingly simple path. Unlike the flashy world of futuristic trends, it uses simpler and more calming themes.

5) Kitchen

When we look at the kitchen drawings, all we can see is that the artificial intelligence does not go beyond the classic kitchen views.

6) Garden

The harmony of artificial intelligence with nature is really marvellous. As far as we can see, he loves the grass. That’s why we see so much grass, I guess.


As a result, as artificial intelligence affects a large part of our lives, it also affects a large part of home decoration preferences. In the coming years, it seems that it will be frequently mentioned in areas such as interior decoration and architecture. From the living room to the garden, most drawings of artificial intelligence look like conventional designs. I am sure that it will sign unique works in the coming years.